Digital House & Home Magazine

During my time at House & Home Media I was responsible for the delivery of all monthly digital editions across mobile, tablet and web. For the tablet and mobile experience of House & Home Magazine each story needed to be redesigned  and re-imagined to include innovative interactive features that enhanced the storytelling experience but still remained consistent with the overall brand look and feel. I led a team of designers, developers, editors and product managers with a focus on user design improvements for the digital House & Home monthly issues.


The monthly issue was first adapted for the tablet and later for a mobile experience. Each platform was carefully examined to establish the best set of user principles and guidelines that each issue would follow. Templates and icons were developed along key user behaviours to ensure that each month the user would know what they would be getting in each issue. For example, the tablet was designed to have the classic left to right movement throughout the digital book (similarly to the print issue). However the mobile experience differed in that each story would read top to bottom and the functionality of left to right was reserved for moving on to other sections.

I also worked on developing multiple animations to enhance the overall reading experience of each issues. These animations range from ‘before and after’ tap buttons to interactive floor plans etc.

Aside from subscription sales and single purchases from the app store, the digital editions produced revenue by the creation of custom advertisements campaigns that would purchase an entire issue. One of those campaigns winning the Adobe Ad of the Week for a Buick Verano digital advertisement series.

Monthly Enhancements

Every month special animations would be added to the digital editions. The teams focus for these would be to enhance the storytelling and not over shadow the main message with simple bells and whistles. The following video is a collection of digital animations that I both art directed and programmed for various House & Home tablet & mobile digital editions.